Shipley Nature Center by Elijah

Today we went to the Shipley Nature Center.  We saw animal skins, skulls and half-eatened buffalo gourds.  We learned about beetles' life cycles, animal skulls and how to identify them.  We also learned about animal scat (or pooh).  We learned about habitats, snakes and snake's eggs.  The eggs felt like card stock.  They showed us snakes, beetles and some other really cool stuff.  I like the Shipley Nature Center.  I like their pond with ducks, fish, turtles and maybe frogs.  When it rained it even flooded a path through the park.  Everything was really pretty.  I think it is really cool and I would recommend it if your family likes the out doors and nature.

We got to touch animal skins.

We made animal foot prints on paper.

We looked at animal poop.


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