What happened with Dudley next...

The next morning, after breakfast, mom said I could clean out the jar with the dead bug in it.  I put my hand in the jar to take Dudley out and all of the sudden I felt legs crawling on my hand.  Then I said, "Mom he's alive.  Dudley's alive."  So then I put my hand in the jar and pulled him out.  Then he started crawling all over my arm.  He did not fly away because his wings were curled around him.  My mom realized that butterflies and moths need to crawl on something and unfurl their wings when they get out of the chrysallis.  Dudley wasn't able to crawl on anything in the jar because we didn't have anything in the jar for him to crawl on.  So we knew that Dudley wasn't going to fly.  But we tried to put water on his wings to see if his wings could still work.  Dad put sticks in the jar and Dudley crawled on them.  Dudley never did actually unfurl his wings.

We learned that the next time we have a tomato worm, when he goes in the dirt we need to put something in the jar so he can climb on it and unfurl his wings.


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