First Post!

This is just a junk post that I put here so that we could see what one looks like.


Pete said...

How about a comment. You wana comment?

Well here's one anyway.

Trent said...

Dear Elijah, Luke and Ruth,

Great start! This "blogging" will soon become a good way to tell all your friends about what you all are doing and thinking. Soon you guys will be tell us stories and adventures, trips and about new friends that you meet. I remember having a "pen pal" when I was younger (!) It was so much trouble to send pictures and write a long letter. Now, the computer and web make it easier and more fun! Keep it going and don't be afraid of it!
We REALLY want to see your work in progress and love that you share all that is happening in you daily school work and play time with your friends..all the best wishes for continued success in this great adventure!

Grandpa Wilson

carolwilson said...

Do you think that this effort will get Grandma and Grandpa to do (finally) blogs of their own???!! Grandma

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